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Doggie in the Window

We’ll take her.


It’s OK, Bailey

Bailey has been whipped into a Hurricane Irene frenzy by our frantic local weather people. Charlotte tried to calm her nerves.


This Is Not Where We Keep Them

She sure looks happy to get out, though.



This was the longest Katie sat still all week.

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The Girls

It’s been too long since our last photo update. Here’s what the girls have been up to.

Bailey is adjusting well to her new role as pillow.

Pillow/oversized stuffed animal.

Charlotte’s also been very helpful feeding Katie. Almost too helpful. This morning I snuck a taste of Katie’s bananas and Charlie screamed, “You can’t eat baby food! You’re not a baby!”

Katie appreciates it.

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Merry Christmas!

Santa was very good to the English girls this year.

Bailey included.

The cookies must have left an impression.

Katie was so excited for Christmas, she woke up at 2am and 5am in loud anticipation. Here’s hoping all that holiday cheer will return her to her usual sound-sleeping self tonight.

Merry Christmas!!


Mickey on Line 1

Here’s how Charlotte reacted this morning when Mickey Mouse called her. It sort of backfired — she couldn’t understand why Mickey (and Minnie) couldn’t stop by to say hello, too.

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Kids Make You Say The Darndest Things

Having two kids gives me the chance to say all sorts of new sentences.

“No, honey, you can’t put the Mr. Potato Head glasses on your sister.”

“Please take your socks off your hands and stop rubbing them on Katie’s face.”

(Though this one left me speechless.)

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Nap Time

Charlotte’s not much of a napper, but she knows the cardinal rule of raising a newborn: you sleep when she sleeps.

Bailey knows this rule, too. She’s gotta work hard to get in her 19 hours.

Then Katie woke up.

She prefers to nap alone.

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Between Bottles

A two-week-old baby doesn’t do very much besides eat, sleep, and smile when the Hawaii Five-0 theme song comes on—at least when the Hawaii Five-0 theme song coincides with the onset of gas.

But Katie’s also been getting in a lot of Dog Time.

Bailey’s fine with it. She’s got free time.

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A Day in the Life

The morning routine.


A Baby Story: Katherine Therese English

And then there were two!

At 10:38 on Tuesday morning, Katherine Therese English let out a scream to announce her arrival, then promptly fell asleep.

In our first family picture, Ellen looks like an actress playing a woman giving birth in a made-for-TV movie. If she had a need for headshots, I’d rotate and crop this picture.

(I look like a boom mic operator who wandered into the shot.)

But anyway, here’s the story of Baby Katie’s entry into the world.

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Good Times

Charlotte and Bailey share a laugh about their new favorite movie, Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp’s Adventure.


A Bedtime Story for Bailey

It’s official. Charlotte has wrested control of story time.


Bailey’s Fifth Birthday

Bailey turned five today and Charlie couldn’t have been more excited. She sang her “Happy Birthday,” gave her several new toys, and heartily laughed as I served the dog a birthday London broil in her Kong. And as a special birthday treat, ESPN’s Bill Simmons recorded a two-part podcast with Chuck Klosterman, one of Bailey’s favorite authors. So we went on an extra-long birthday walk tonight, too.

What did Bailey look like when we first brought her home, you ask? Here’s the internet’s first report on the matter.

And here’s how Bailey celebrated the big 2-1 (in dog years).