I (Heart) The New York Times

These times, as they say, demand The Times. For Christmas, Ellen ordered us a weekend subscription. I very much enjoy this new ritual.

While I’m satisfied with the news gathered by and contained within the paper, I do have one (minor) complaint: the paper is rarely delivered.

In under three months of service, our paper hasn’t come nine times. My paperboy’s batting average is dangerously low. But I can’t get too worked up at the call center operators. With Sprint, it was different. Sprint is designed to frustrate those with legitimate complaints. I can’t imagine The Times has anything to gain by not delivering my news.

The last three times this happened, I was assured my case would be “escalated to the distribution center.” And each time, satisfaction proved elusive. After I received an email this morning that claimed they were “doing everything possible to correct the situation,” I wrote this:

This is wholly unsatisfactory. You have claimed to be “doing everything possible” for weeks. For our repeated trouble, I would appreciate some sort of compensation. Six months free. A $40 credit. Something beyond words to make me think you actually are interested in keeping us as subscribers.

This email does not do that.

Much to my surprise, I received a timely response.

Thank you for contacting us. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Our records indicate that we have now contacted the District Manager to have delivery commenced this weekend and going forward to have delivery consistent. In addition, we will credit your account $40.00 for all the inconvenience that we may have caused. We assure you that we will strive to serve you better in the future.

Your satisfaction is very important to us.

Well done, Times. When the paper inevitably doesn’t arrive next Saturday, I won’t be as compelled to complain.

Guess I should have asked for a plasma TV. Or help with mulching.

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