Making Money

Charlotte and Katie have gotten mixed up in the counterfeiting game. We even have nicknames to protect our identities. (I’m “Tummy,” which is only half as offensive as Charlie’s “Why don’t you go to the Daddy gym anymore?” question this morning.)

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The Holiday Show (Part 1)

Charlotte and friends bringing the holiday magic.


Let’s Dance

Exclusive footage from Charlotte’s dance recital!


Dance Party

Never mind the mess. We’ll get there.


Doggie in the Window

We’ll take her.


Hello Goodbye

A short film.


Who’s There?

Katie and Charlotte are big fans of each other.


We All Fall Down

Katie loves this game!


We’re Going to Disney World!

Here’s a long overdue video from our trip to Disney World back in September. Charlotte pretended to be surprised, but I think she was on to us.


Back to School!

Charlotte was all business on the first day of the new (pre)school year. Katie took it all in stride.

They did partake in some celebratory clapping to mark the occasion.

Charlotte starts Spanish and dance this year. Katie is the star pupil in Almost Walking 101. There are kindergarten scouts crawling all over this daycare center.

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It’s OK, Bailey

Bailey has been whipped into a Hurricane Irene frenzy by our frantic local weather people. Charlotte tried to calm her nerves.


The Penguin Walk

My favorite part of this video is the look Katie gives Charlotte. “How dare you try to show me up.” Then the look right after that says, “I’m going to be a good sport about this. For now.”


This Is Not Where We Keep Them

She sure looks happy to get out, though.


They Love That Elmo Character

One of Charlotte’s first words was Elmo (well, “Melmo”). Katie recently discovered the furry red monster and seems similarly obsessed.


Google News Alert

Congratulations to Ellen, who later this month starts a new job at Google in New York! Do you think the free food is also available to spouses? What about massages?

Guess we’ll find out the hard way.

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